Kleine Botschafter mit großer Wirkung - FABACH – Die Schlüsselanhänger-Schmiede

Small ambassadors with a big impact

Changing behavior is not easy. Because let's be honest: we humans are creatures of habit and each of us has quirks. However, everyone is capable of not losing sight of what is really important and of developing their strengths and abilities.

Especially in today's world full of distractions, success sometimes takes a long time to come and many people quickly lose courage. You quickly come up with the idea of ​​having to start something new if something doesn't work out right away or if success doesn't seem to come quickly enough. This means that you're always back to square one without really making any progress. There is an answer to the question of how to escape this cycle: repetition .

Repetition becomes habit

Achieving goals in life, big and small, requires perseverance. But too often it feels like you are standing at the bottom of what seems like an endless staircase on the way to achieving these goals. Perseverance and the power of repetition are essential when climbing the individual steps on the way to the goal.

If you repeat behavioral patterns over and over again, they become habits. Habits influence the quality of life and personal destiny. That is why you should follow them very consciously. This is necessary because the results of positive or negative habits often only become visible in the long term. "Mini-habits" are a promising method for establishing good habits.¹

Mahatma Ghandi already said

"Programming becomes the staff and support of our life. It carries us through every difficult test. We repeat not just for the sake of repetition, but for the purpose of purification, as an aid in our efforts. Constant repetition is therefore not a senseless repetition; for with each repetition a new meaning emerges. Each repetition brings us closer to our ideal."

The "mini-habits" system

A mini habit is a smaller version of a new habit you want to establish. Doing 100 push-ups a day becomes one push-up a day. A goal to write 3,000 words a day becomes a goal to write 50 words a day. A goal to always think positive becomes two positive thoughts a day. The foundation of the Mini Habits system is “silly little” steps, steps so small that you can definitely do them. The power of the Mini Habits system lies in application, established mindset, positive feedback loops, natural increases in self-efficacy, and of course using small steps to create habits. A study from Duke University concluded that about 45% of our behavior is based on habits.² So mini habits are the right first step in the right direction.

Planting habit clues

Whatever small habit you want to establish, it is important that you perform your new "mini-habit" at least once a day. But how do you make sure that you remember your new mini-habit? Either you set a fixed time when you want to perform the mini-habit. However, a set time can also lead to you forgetting your new habit and not doing it after all if you have a day full of activities and work. It is therefore much better to create a visual and activity-oriented cue, for example when you leave the house, before and after work or when you drive.

This is where our FABACH keyrings come into play. A keyring can serve as a visual reminder and remind you of your mini-habit and the long-term goal associated with it. If, for example, your goal is to establish a positive mindset and view of your life, then looking at your keyring will remind you of this resolution and encourage you to formulate a positive thought right away. Such positive effects are what make our keyrings special. They are much more than a gift for yourself or those people who are important to you. They accompany, motivate and change those who carry them with them.