Die Magie der Schutzengel - FABACH – Die Schlüsselanhänger-Schmiede

The magic of guardian angels

THERE! Did you see the light? I know it was there. How lucky, because that was really close. It's good that I can rely on my guardian angel. That I can count on him when I need him...

...have you ever felt like this? That you had the feeling that someone was protecting you? A mysterious being that was holding its hand over you and your loved ones, exactly when you needed it? Then you are in good company. Around two out of three people in Germany believe in guardian angels. Just like their ancestors did.

Belief in guardian angels has a long tradition

The belief in angels who exist to protect a country, a special place or a person has a long tradition in almost all faiths. In Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism, people have always believed in these ghostly protectors. The same applies to esotericism and spiritualism.

Belief in angels is one of the oldest in the western world. Psalm 91 of the Old Testament already says: "God will command his angels to guard you in all your ways." The Catholic Church even celebrates a Guardian Angel Festival every year, always on October 2nd. It is therefore not surprising that many children are given a Guardian Angel symbol when they are baptized.

Did you know already?

About two out of three people in Germany believe in guardian angels.

A deep longing in special life situations

The belief in guardian angels has survived for thousands of years. Perhaps because even today many people have a deep longing for a being who cares for them and looks after them, for example when friends or family cannot. In special life situations, in the event of illness, danger or when life takes a strange turn.

Our guardian angels

Our guardian angels Happy, Smile and Lucky are also there for you in these moments. They accompany you. On all your paths. For your entire life.