Ein Leben lang an deiner Seite – Die Treue der Pinguine - FABACH – Die Schlüsselanhänger-Schmiede

A lifetime by your side – The loyalty of penguins

Staying together, forever. Waiting for each other when one or both of them have to go on a long journey, and reuniting when he or she returns. What a wonderful idea, isn't it? It becomes reality, every day, every year, in the kingdom of the penguins. Because once a couple has found each other, they stay together for life.

But first of all he has to prove that he is the right one for her. It's all a question of attitude. Of singing. Of nest building. And of small gifts: particularly romantic people give their sweetheart a small pebble as a token of love.

And you? If she succumbs to his charm, she shakes her head (which is meant in a very sweet way) or bows: Yes, I do .

Find each other. Appreciate and love each other.

Emperor penguins even celebrate their new togetherness by singing and dancing together - and then starting a family. The penguin couple sticks together through thick and thin, sunbathing on warm days and warming each other when icy winds blow. And they send their young to kindergarten straight away: the little penguin chicks wait together in groups while their parents swim out to look for food.

Did you know already?

There are 18 different species of penguins, which can grow from 30 cm to over 1 m tall. They live in Antarctica, Australia, South America, New Zealand, South Africa and the Galapagos Islands.

Penguins are also quite good at long-distance relationships. When Mrs. Penguin is away alone, which happens quite often, her husband waits patiently at home and welcomes her enthusiastically when she returns - and vice versa. It can also happen that they both have to travel at some point. But eternal loyalty ensures that even after a long absence they meet again at almost the same time where they first met and fell in love. They share their lives until death do them part.

The Fabach Penguin Family

Breezy and Frosty are also loyal creatures - our cute little FABACH penguins accompany you everywhere, every day. They are there when you laugh, when you are sad, when you are making yourself comfortable at home or when you are traveling and conquering the world. They are yours. Forever.