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Exclusive keychain offers

Two trailers, one unbeatable offer

"You're my penguin" Pinguin Schlüsselanhänger "Breezy" mit Gravur - Süßer Pinguin Glücksbringer als Geschenk für Partner - FABACH#farbe_silber matt
"You're my penguin" Pinguin Schlüsselanhänger "Frosty" mit Gravur - Süßer Pinguin Glücksbringer als Geschenk für Partner - FABACH#farbe_silber matt#botschaft_you're my penguin

Exclusive keychain offers

Two trailers, one unbeatable offer

30% discount on the second pendant when you buy the bundle! Choose your favorite colors and get a stylish accessory for you and your favorite person.

"Champ" Glücksbringer Schlüsselanhänger mit Gravur - Süßer Glückspilz mit Herz - Viel Glück Viel Erfolg - FABACH#Farbe_Roségold
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All FABACH product designs are created in Cologne. The high-quality manufacturing and individual hand-finished finishing make the pendants reliable companions throughout life.

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About Us

FABACH – The keychain manufacturer from Cologne

In today's fast-paced world, it is often the little things that give us stability and stability. A well-designed keychain from FABACH can be just that - a daily companion that reminds us of the people and moments that are important to us.

Guardian angel keychain from FABACH

In the world of accessories, the keyring is often underestimated, even though it is one of the most personal items we carry with us every day. The guardian angel keyrings from FABACH take this meaning to a whole new level. They are not only a stylish eye-catcher, but also carry a deeper message. Every time we look at the guardian angel, we are reminded that there is someone who is watching over us, thinking of us and loving us.

The careful craftsmanship and attractive design of these keychains make them an ideal gift for special occasions or simply to show someone how important they are to us. When physical distances separate us from our loved ones, such a guardian angel keychain can serve as a constant connection and reminder of the deep bond.

The message is clear: No matter where we are or what we are doing, the guardian angel watches over us and reminds us that we are loved and appreciated. Every time we reach for our keys, we feel this warmth and closeness that accompanies us through everyday life. A simple but powerful way to feel love and protection every day.

Animal and symbol keyrings from FABACH

At FABACH, each keychain is designed with a special meaning, and our animal and symbol keychains are a perfect example of this.

For example, our penguins "Breezy" and "Frosty" - a symbol of loyalty and constancy. Penguins are known for devoting their entire lives to one partner. Therefore, our penguins are suitable as partner keychains to represent the inseparable bond between two people.

Or how about our owl "Owly"? As a trendy animal, the owl not only stands for wisdom, but also reminds you of your favorite person every day and makes your heart beat faster when you carry it on your keychain.

We have designed the motorcycle with a guardian angel for those who love adventure and motorcycle enthusiasts. This keychain not only conveys a feeling of freedom and passion for the road, but also offers a constant feeling of safety and security on the road thanks to the guardian angel.

Each of these keychains tells its own story and offers a special way to express your personality or relationship with a loved one.

Personalized keychains with engraving from FABACH

In our fast-moving world, where mass production and one size fits all dominate, individually designed items stand out. We therefore offer the option of adding a personal touch to key chains with an individual engraving.

It's not just a keychain, it's a story, a moment captured in metal: whether it's the date you met your life partner, the name of a loved one, a motivational quote or a little message intended only for the owner of the keychain - each engraving gives the object a special meaning. It turns the keychain into a keepsake that stands the test of time and conveys a special message every day.

Imagine that every morning when you leave your house, you hold this special keyring in your hand and are reminded of a significant moment in your life. It is these small but profound memories that brighten up everyday life and allow us to focus on what is important. With a personalized keyring from FABACH, the daily ritual of picking up the key becomes a moment of reflection and appreciation.

In addition, such personalized keychains are wonderful gift ideas. You show the recipient how much thought and effort you put into creating something unique. A gift that is not only of high quality, but also of deep emotional value. At FABACH, we ensure that these engravings are implemented precisely and artistically, so that you receive a keychain that impresses and reaches your favorite person in terms of manufacturing quality, design and your individual message.

Shopping cart releaser keychain from FABACH

Practicality meets design – that best describes the shopping trolley keyrings from FABACH. Who hasn't experienced it? You're standing at the shopping trolley and looking for a coin. With the innovative trolley series from FABACH, this problem is a thing of the past. These keyrings are not only stylish, but also extremely practical and have quickly become a must-have.

Leather keychain from FABACH

Leather keychains embody a unique combination of style, durability and comfort. In addition, PU leather is ideal for everyday use due to its robustness and thus offers a reliable and at the same time aesthetically pleasing way to organize and store keys in style. A leather keychain is not only a functional accessory, but also a statement of class and timeless taste. FABACH offers various leather keychains with loving messages stamped deep into the leather including a stylish gift box. Perfect for giving as a gift!