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Why Shopping Cart Solver

There you are. Your bag in one hand and nothing in the other. As always. No small round shopping chip, no coin, and certainly not a matching one. Great. So you go back to the car and... nothing. Those days are finally over. Because of course you have something on your key chain. Or as a keyring in your pocket: our ingenious shopping cart releasers and shopping cart chips. Because from now on you'll always have them with you.

Advantages of our shopping cart releasers and shopping cart chips

  • Because they release every shopping cart immediately – and can be completely removed.
  • Because they put an end to broken fingernails.
  • Because with long fingernails you can finally insert the chip yourself without help.
  • Because they are made of stainless steel or ultra-light carbon. Because they are truly sustainable and make the world a little better.
  • Because they look really beautiful in every position.
  • Because you can also give them as gifts.
  • Because giving away shopping cart removers is now a pretty cool thing.

Removable shopping cart chips

The shopping cart removers from the trolley series are not just a constant companion on every purchase. They become your personal treasure. With an individual message. For example, your favorite person. Or guardian angel. Or lucky charm. Whatever you like. For yourself or for others. And how about our beautiful motifs such as the angel, the heart or the clover leaf? Everything is possible, because our high level of expertise in metal processing leaves nothing to be desired.

The shopping cart key multitools from FABACH

The trolleys are also good at multitasking. As multi-tools, they fit in every shopping cart. Some even fit in the front loader and the side drawer at the same time. Others double as precise bottle openers. Or charming, stylish key rings. Discover our shopping cart releasers, for example the Sharks, the Spoons and the Master. And experience how wonderfully stress-free your shopping will be when even picking up the cart is a pleasure. Thanks to the unique functionality of the innovative shopping cart releasers from FABACH. For you. For those who are important to you. For every day.