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our philosophy

Apart from our smartphone and our wallet, there are probably only a few things that we use every day and always carry with us. Our keychain is one of these personal items.

It lies in front of us on the desk, dangles from the ignition of our car. It accompanies us every day to work, when we go shopping, do sports or travel. And after a hard day it always opens the door to our own home port.

We at FABACH are convinced that a bunch of keys can not only open front doors, but also the door to the heart. A lovingly designed keyring can show our loved one what they mean to us. It can stand as a symbol for feelings that are difficult to put into words, such as love, affection, friendship and security. Such a personal pendant can play a small key (role) in the life of its wearer. And aren't these little things exactly what make us smile every day?

The FABACH brand is a neologism created from the names of the two founders FABian Krott (left) and Christian MotschenBACHer (right).

But of course the future wearer doesn't deserve just any keychain. In our opinion, a keychain like this, which we pay so much attention to every day, must meet high standards in terms of design and workmanship. Too many discount keychains fall apart after a few weeks or lose their shine due to oxidation.

Compared to our small pieces of jewelry, these pendants quickly look old. All FABACH products are designed by designers and created with a lot of peace and love. The high-quality production and the individual hand-finished finishing make the pendants reliable companions for life. That is our claim.

We are constantly thinking about how we want to expand the FABACH keychain family. To do this, we combine our ideas with those of our customers! But who turns every idea into a little magician for your keychain? Our designer Becky gives our ideas form! Get to know her and her work here:

FABACH designer Becky

"I create each unique design with great care. My main motivation is to put a smile on the customer's face when they hold the product in their hands."

"I love working with the FABACH team. I especially appreciate their authenticity and their commitment to producing their products of the highest quality for their customers."

Becky draws the first drafts, as shown here with our turtle keychain "Snappy", by hand in the classic way and brings them to life as a design. From virtual to tangible: the first prototypes are created using a 3D printer.

Is the size ratio right? Does Snappy have exactly the charm it needs to become a real treat for the hands like many other FABACH creations? We promise: It will be refined until it exceeds our and your expectations. Only then will production and finishing with different surfaces and color variants begin.

Many of our little favorites, such as the guardian angel “Smile” or the unicorn “Sleepy,” embody meaningful messages. We also value key chains as practical tools . One of our reliable everyday helpers is the popular shopping cart lock pick “Trolley Master.” It is the first shopping cart lock pick of its kind that opens both side-loading and front-loading shopping carts without the need for a coin. The “Anchor Key” key reel, on the other hand, secures your keys and at the same time allows you to quickly reach for your key ring or ID card.

The key chain forge FABACH was founded in Cologne in 2018. Our first designs included the modern guardian angel "Fabiel" and the stainless steel shopping cart releaser "Trolley Shark". A lot has happened since then: Our young startup has been able to grow by many design creations - inspired by our own ideas and the wishes of our customers. We are proud to have already made thousands of people happy with our key chains! And yet we feel like we are only just getting started. Our drawers are full of sketches and drawings that are just waiting to be implemented.

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